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Our kingdom's queens are all beautiful, and selected and bred for the qualities that are ideal in a Savannah cat.  From face to legs to spots and personality, these royal ladies have it all.


F2 Lavish Savannahs Zarina of Savannah Royale

Zarina means "golden one." She has several serval-like characteristics - big ears, long legs, and her movements mannerisms.  Zarina is an independent cat by day, and the biggest cuddle bug by night.  She is the first cat to hop into bed and tap a shoulder to request permission to snuggle deep into the blankets.


F2 Lavish Savannahs Nyla of Savannah Royale

Nyla is the sweetest kitty in all the kingdom, and is gentle with everyone.  Her beautiful spots and sweet disposition make her an instant favorite.  There is really nothing better than her kisses, especially when they come with a close-up look at her beautiful face markings and a chance to hold those pretty spotted feet.


F2 Salem's Pride Vanna of Savannah Royale

Vanna is curious, playful, and incredibly affectionate.  She happily greets people with a rub against their leg, and she can't hide her happiness because the flicks of her tail give it all away.  While her spots and long legs are sure to catch your eye, her sweet black nose and striking amber eyes will capture your heart.


F5 Savannarama Estelle of Savannah Royale

Estelle was called "Stardust" by her breeder when she was a kitten, and I kept with the star theme for her name.  Her coat is a pastel-looking silver - it's so unique to see in person, and photos just do not pick up the beauty she possesses.  Estelle loves to be pet, and like the queen she is, she expects us to come to her and give her attention, so she will meow and meow until we come to her.  Once she is being pet, she stretches high on the tippy top of her toes like a ballerina.

Please contact Amanda if you are interested in learning more about the queens and their litters.

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