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Meet our Handsome Boys


African Serval Carlton
of Savannah Royale

Carlton, affectionately called Carl by his family, is an African Serval.  He is a handsome lover boy who tends to behave more like a puppy than a cat.  Carl loves to chase balls and chew squeaky toys!  When he remembers he is a cat, he climbs onto the desk and wants see everything you're doing.  Carl is the resident handy-cat assistant, regularly found helping build, repair, or assemble things at Savannah Royale.  Although he is the King of our cattery, Carl is not a part of our breeding program.  We admire his exotic beauty, and are able to use him as an example of type in our effort to work toward the Savannah Cat Breed Standard.


F7 SBT Wylthingz Duke 
of Savannah Royale

Duke is a gorgeous silver Savannah, with incredible markings inherited from the African Serval.  It's difficult to decide what people notice first when they meet him - his stunning silver color, beautiful stripes and spots with his black nose, or the love he wants to share.  He is always at our feet and wanting to play, and is the most affectionate cat.


F7 SBT FelisSavannah Jafari 
of Savannah Royale

  • TICA Champion 2022

  • TICA Great Lakes Region Best Savannah Cat 2023

  • TICA International Best Black Savannah Cat 2023

Jafari is our tall, dark, and handsome boy. He really is tall, dark, and handsome!   His long legs, long body, lean and strong muscle, and exotic face are exactly what to look for in a Savannah cat!  Jafari is a handsome sire!


To learn more about Savannah Royale's sires or the litters they help produce, contact Amanda.

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